Your Financial Education
begins now. We explain how.

What is the Financial Independence short course?

It’s a financial education that everyone can benefit from! Covering everything from getting out of debt, to how REAL millionaires live, work and save – this course will teach you things about your money you didn’t know – irrespective of your current educational level. And that’s a promise! We’ve had people with very little formal education, and others with multiple degrees and we’ve only every had positive feedback. And we think the reason is simple – no matter where you are in your personal financial journey there’s always room to learn new things.

Delivered digitally at Boston Colleges nationwide, the course is designed for you to start – and finish – when it suits you, at one of 44 Boston City Campuses & Business Colleges nationwide. You simply walk into a Boston and pick up where you left off the last time.

What does the course cover?

The course is divided into 5 lessons, and learners are guided through these lessons with the help of an easy-to-reference workbook, interesting case studies and reference to relevant news articles.

  1. Develop a Wealth Building Mindset
  2. Financial Momentum
  3. Dumping Debt
  4. Spend your money on purpose
  5. Your future starts now
How do I register for the course?

First, you need to apply to the Truth About Money. Go to and click on ‘Application form’ and fill it in. It’s quick and easy. They’ll then let you know if you qualify for the free course. Hint hint: your motivation counts!

If you receive notification that you have qualified to do the course for free, then you need to log onto the Boston website ( and use their ‘Campus Locator’ to get the contact details of the closest campus to you, in order to register. Alternatively, you can use this list.

Then, phone the College and make an appointment to go in and register for the course in person. Please make sure you take some form of ID with you, and that you have an email address* you can supply the staff with, when you register. Boston’s highly efficient admin staff will take care of you from that point onwards!

*Providing an email address is compulsory for anyone doing this Financial Independence short course. This is because we need to be able to email you your username and password access to our fabulous money management tools that we’ll be teaching you about in the course. Trust us – if you don’t have an email address yet its worth signing up for one using Gmail or a similar (free) software.

Who is eligible to do the course?
Any and all South Africans are encouraged to apply to the Truth About Money to do the Financial Independence short course. 1Life clients and their families will get preference, and then access to the course will be given to other applicants depending on need – funding dependent. We can tell you however that 1Life have budgeted to put over 40,000 people through this course this year alone – so make sure you’re at the front of the queue and apply today!
How long will the course take to do?
The course should take learners approximately 6-8 hours to complete including tasks (4 hours video time).
The course that can be completed at your own pace, at whatever time and location is convenient to you.
Where does Boston have campuses and how do I get in touch with the one closest to me?
Boston has 44 campuses around South Africa so we’re sure you can find one near you. You can use the ‘Campus Locator’ on their website ( in order to find the branch closest to you. Alternatively, you can use this list.
Will I receive a certificate on completion of the course?
On completion of the course, all students will be entitled to receive a ‘Certificate of Completion’ as illustrated. Once you’ve completed the Financial Independence short course please chat to your Boston Training Advisor (TA) who will advise you on the process of collecting your certificate.