We're proud to announce that The Money School has been selected as the exclusive financial education provider for the Truth About Money, a 1Life initiative and we're rolling out our course at Boston City Campuses nationwide!


Powerful money concepts made simple.

How is managing your money working for you so far? Money School graduates have an economic advantage over others who have never had the opportunity to develop their money skills with an unbiased money coach. Browse our site › to understand how we have already helped so many people take charge of their financial future.


What we can do for you

Your staff will:
  • Be equipped to manage their money.
  • Make the most of their current salary package.
  • Plan ahead and achieve financial goals.
  • Get rid of debt and regain financial control.
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Bespoke training and solutions
  • Turbocharge your sales force.
  • Money management for couples.
  • What to do with a salary increase.
  • Personal debt can be a career limiter
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Educate your customers
  • Help customers understand how paying you on
    time will benefit them.
  • Create stickiness within your customer base.
  • Dynamic approach to treating customers fairly.
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What they're saying about it

Financial literacy is not just about how household and business finances are managed. It is about empowering families to demand truth, and to have transparency on fees and costs.

Pravin Gordhan, Finance Minister Source:
What we're doing about it

Our Continuing Education Centre provides Money School graduates with the practical tools and knowledge to develop themselves into savvy money managers.

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