Financial Education

The current global recession and the resulting job losses, personal and professional bankruptcies and increasingly indebted consumers have highlighted the importance of increasing personal financial literacy rates. We know that most people have never received any formal education in personal money management. What they do know is often learned from watching how family and friends manage their money – even if their only guiding principle is not to do what those people did! The result? People – your employees and customers – are stressed, sick, job hop, in debt counselling, have garnishee orders against their salaries and are increasingly unproductive at work, or unable to pay their accounts on time, if at all. 

The purpose of a financial education is to give a person the ability to process information about their money and make informed decisions aligned to their financial goals. The depth of knowledge required to build wealth has given those with an education in personal finance an unfair advantage over most of the population who have never formally learnt about how money works.

Money has its own set of simple rules that deliver powerful results… your choice is whether you want these principles to work for or against you.

Why us?

The Money School is an independent program. We do not sell any debt, insurance or financial services products. Our training and software is developed for the benefit of our users and not as a mechanism to sell something to you.

What are we good at?

Telling it like it is. Financial literacy is an eye opening experience. Unless our learners get their financial affairs in order, theyʼll continue to make a loss every month; effectively making themselves poorer the longer and harder they work.

Wealth is not the same as income. If you make a good income each year and spend it all, you are not getting wealthier.

Dr. Thomas J. Stanley

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