Educate in the workplace

A successful business is driven by productive and motivated people.

More and more employers are seeing the tangible benefits of equipping their employees with a financial education. The simple reality is that employee debt and financial stress become a businesses’ problem because it results in a loss of productivity, turnover of experienced staff and negatively impacts the overall efficiency of your teams. The invariable effect is a loss of company profits.

Over the last few years employers have worked with TMS to educate their employees because:
  • Staff are more motivated to achieve business objectives when they are also achieving their own goals.
  • There are significant decreases seen in areas of absenteeism and presenteeism.
  • There is a reduction in requests for staff loans.
  • Managers spend less time dealing with distractions.

When employees are equipped to be good money managers they:
  • Reduce or eliminate their debt and related financial stress
  • Have better cash flow through prioritised spending
  • Plan and achieve lifestyle goals
  • Can protect themselves from unscrupulous creditors and collection agencies
  • Improve their levels of financial security and independence

TMS will deliver a benefit to your bottom line.

Learning to manage money effectively is a game changer.

Why Job Hopping Doesn’t Pay

The Money School studies have shown that when people ‘Job Hop’ it is often because they are unable to solve their cash flow problems and believe an increase in earnings is the solution to their financial pressure.

This is not the answer because the underlying issue of money mismanagement is not going to go away with a change of scenery. The correct approach is to seek advice and implement a debt elimination plan to alleviate financial pressure.

The real long-term result of people who take a proactive and informed approach is they get rid of their debt and learn how to build wealth. They are then in a better position to develop their careers.

High interest debts can gain momentum quickly, overwhelming staff's ability to cover normal living expenses. Their solution? Get a new job. And more credit. Our solution? Give your employees a financial education that will prevent both of those ill-advised ‘solutions’.

Want to know why 76% of employees’ take-home pay is going to servicing their debt? Or why 32 – 40 year-olds who bought a house during the boom and have two kids at private schools are most at risk?
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A salary increase is only a temporary fix unless it lands in the hands of a person who knows what to do
with it.

The Money School has found that existing financial education programs are often unsuccessful because they are conducted either as a reactive service or by firms whose primary purpose is to sell financial services and not to educate employees. Click here to view our 6 Components of an Effective Employee Financial Education Program ›
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