Training Options

Inform. Entertain. Educate.

It’s our magic formula. And it works. We take something that’s traditionally been scary and boring – getting one’s personal financial affairs into order – and turn it into a life-changing experience for you and your company.

Selecting the right approach for your organisation.

Most people have never been deliberately taught about managing money and have only learnt bits and pieces from their parents and friends. And more often than not, they’ve learnt what NOT to do, not necessarily what they should be doing. The good news is that money management is an acquired skill and can now be learnt in an engaging and fun way.


The Money School offers two typical training options:

1. Wealthy Workforce

Wealthy Workforce is an educational training initiative where we run introductory programmes on the key principles that staff need to take on board in order to turn around their personal financial affairs.
On successful completion of the course, attendees will be able to:
  • Define the goals of the roll out
  • Understand the landscape and culture within the business
  • Select an effective blend of programs to deliver the desired result
  • Assess the logistical constraints / requirements to running workshops
  • Suggest a communication strategy to drive uptake of the service
  • Provide debt elimination and spend management tools to attendees
  • Use technology where available to deploy low cost scalable solutions
  • Set up reports to analyse employee feedback and pick up trends
  • Discuss measurements within the business to monitor ROI

Our sessions are kept practical and full of insights gained through real life experiences shared by past Money School graduates.

2. Bespoke training and solutions

Any of our workshops listed below can also be tailored, supplemented or modified as a once off approach to service your company’s requirements, or as part of a custom-designed solution for your business.
Here are some of the Workshops on offer:

Turbocharge your sales force

Watch how focussed and determined your sales staff become when they learn how much financial ground they are able to cover with their job. Without the skill to manage money this is simply not possible.
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Money management for couples

Let us guide you on this journey and help you get deliberate about building wealth for you and your family.
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Induction: new job, new you

New staff will become aware that responsible money management is imperative if employees are serious about growing within the company.
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All our programs include aspects of how wealthy people think, behave and, critically – manage their money differently to the masses. We deliver easy to apply steps based on research and case studies, which demonstrates how middle of the road income earners have taken charge of their money to create financial independence.

The Money School takes pride in our ability to unpack complicated financial mathematics in a way that non-financial people can relate to. This detail is one of the biggest barriers for new money managers and needs to be addressed in a very particular way in order to be understood and applied effectively.

By collaborating with savvy money managers our Money Coaches are able to equip consumers with the nuts and bolts of how money is made when transacting with retailers, banks and collection agencies. This knowledge empowers your staff, enabling them to better understand, and negotiate optimal transactional terms in any credit situation.

Learners are then shown ways to apply their newly acquired financial acumen into the family environment. Money can create complex issues in the home and implementation can often be met with resistance to change. The benefits, to your corporate bottom line, soon follow.


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