I didn’t like school so why should I use The Money School?
We didn’t like school either but what we do like is being our own teacher. Here at the Money School you are in control and you are the one making the decisions. We are not here to lecture you or tell you off but rather provide the guidelines to maximising your ability to become wealthy. And we’d love you to ace this class!
What makes you think you can give financial advice?
At The Money School we are not allowed to give financial advice. That is why you will never hear us promoting deals or pushing you towards various financial products or plans. We are here to educate you about the principles of successful money management and wealth-building and we do so proudly from our independent, non-biased base. We want you to think of us as your very own Money Coach - after all we use these tools and methods ourselves.


What happens if I don’t know how much I spend monthly?
No problem, when you’ve got together your bills and receipts, use our budget planner to plan for the following month.
Can I import my transactions from my bank account?
No – these are simple, user-driven tools where we need you to think about how much you’re spending each month and where – and account for it on a monthly basis. So you’ve got no security or tech integration issues to worry about: just log in and start inputting your info.
Is the information I populate secure?
Yes. When you log into the ‘tool’ area of the site, you’ll notice that we have used only the most secure 256-bit encryption technology from Symantec to ensure all the info you submit is for you and your eyes only. And, in case you wondering, that also means that no one from your company, or from The Money School, will ever be able to look at the data you populate your personal debt or spend manager with either. This is YOUR tool and one you can use securely, and confidently, to charter your way to financial independence. We promise.
I have told a friend about the budget planner on TMS, how do they access the tool?
Unfortunately they are not able to unless they are also a graduate of a Money School workshop or course. These tools are available exclusively to you and your company. But if you still want to share the love, we’d love it if you’d encourage them to get in touch and we’ll meet with their HR team to discuss implanting our programmes in their work environment too. And yes, drinks are on us (accounted for, obviously) if that happens!