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Sales people bring a unique type of problem to the money management space. They have the ability to make money on demand but also rank as some of the worst spenders.

Because of long hours and high pressure environments, sales people often overlook the need to plan properly because they solve issues by ‘throwing money’ at the problem with quick fixes.

Your top salesmen’s lack of money skills exposes them to huge risks. High interest debt does not rest. The compounding effect coupled with an erratic debt repayment culture by sales people can quickly end in staff being overwhelmed by aggressive collection agencies. This negatively impacts your business on a number of different levels (hyperlink to ‘Research) – all of which hurt yourbottom line.

The Money School has researched and successfully implemented many programs in the high volume direct selling space achieving dramatic results for both sales executives and management.

We take a hard-hitting approach with sales people because their opportunity cost due to poor money management is outrageous. We also know that good performers burn out because in spite of their high earnings they actually don’t move any closer to being financially independent.

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Watch how focussed and determined your sales staff become when they learn how much financial ground they are able to cover with their job. Without the skill to manage money this is simply not possible.

Hayley Parry, Co-founder, The Money School
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