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Induction workshops: new job, new you.

The Money School has been part of new employee induction programs at lots of different companies for many years. Whilst some employees are joining your business to take the next step in their careers we typically experience something very different in the job market.

An alarmingly high percentage of employees are seeking extra money to resolve their cash flow issues. That’s why they’ve joined your company for a slight increase in salary.

The problem is that an increase in salary does not alleviate financial pressure because most people will simply upgrade their lifestyle at the first opportunity they get. This is compounded by the fact that a higher salary also means they will qualify more easily for higher levels of debt.

Our message to staff is to use this opportunity – of starting afresh in a new company - to get rid of debt or accelerate their wealth creation plans. This may sound simple enough to include in your agenda but the art is in actually achieving this result.

Induction represents a great opportunity to communicate your understanding of the impact that poor fiscal management has in your business. New staff will become aware that responsible money management is a cultural imperative if employees are serious about growing within the company.

Sounds like a win-win scenario to us. Talk to us about implementing these workshops in your company now.

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Studies in the USA show that changing employee’s financial behaviour is actually easier than changing their diet and exercise habits. The result? Decrease in stress and related health-care costs.

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Turbocharge your sales force

Watch how focussed and determined your sales staff become when they learn how much financial ground they are able to cover with their job. Without the skill to manage money this is simply not possible.
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Money management for couples

Let us guide you on this journey and help you get deliberate about building wealth for your family.
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